About Us
About Us

About Us

Our vision: To provide honest assessment and expert guidance in GMAT preperation to ensure that our students meet their full potential.

Ofek GMAT was founded by expert instructor and entrepreneur, Zack Goldman. Zack has been preparing students for the GMAT since 1994.
During two decades of teaching, Zack has helped thousands of students gain acceptance to the top business schools around the globe. Today, the Ofek GMAT team is comprised of a small staff of highly professional instructors who, under Zack’s supervision, teach the GMAT full time.

Why is Ofek GMAT different?

At Ofek GMAT, we believe that only individually tailored instruction leads MBA candidates to success.
Every student has different needs, each comes from a different background and has different abilities, time constrictions and budgets.

One thing obvious: Everyone has the ability to fulfill his or her potential, but rarely are students actually given the opportunity to do so.


• In many test-preparation institutes the teachers are inexperienced. Institutes often hire instructors based on test scores and many instructors do not fully grasp what is being tested, how it is tested and how to teach it.
• Test-preparation institutes tend to reuse old material and there are a limited number of sample tests with which students can practice.
• Test-preparation institutes unsuccessfully apply learning methods suitable for the SATs and other matriculation exams to the GMAT.
• Classes are too large to allow students to receive personal attention.
• Classes move at an average pace that is often either too slow or too fast to cater to individual learning needs.


Ofek GMAT provides you with a tailor made study plan to suit your individual needs!

• High quality, professional online tutoring with experienced tutors
• Instruction suited to the level and pace of each student
Flexible lesson scheduling – take lessons whenever, wherever
• Adaptive problem solving methods designed to meet individual needs
• Advanced learning materials and resources  including text books, a state of the art computerized exercise program and lots of up to date tests
• Personal performance assessments and advice on study methods provided throughout course
• Extremely patient instructors well experienced in offering several explanations, if required, to ensure student’s full comprehension
• Scientific analysis and models formulated for all question types
• Our unique teaching methods ensure that in-depth study of a few major principles leads to independent mastery of many strategies


So what is the next step?
Preparing for GMAT is an important decision that can impact your future.


Don't allow a sales rep to dictate what kind of instruction you need - speak to an experienced Ofek GMAT instructor who can advise you about the best course of action for you.

Provide your details in the form on the left, and a teacher will get back to you as soon as possible.


Good Luck!


The Ofek GMAT staff