Liron Grossman

Super Entrepreneur

Ofek is indeed a boutique company specializing in GMAT. As someone who initially studied at the competitors, I can say it's not even a competition. You can't compare the old fashioned materials and teaching deficiencies to the updated study materials, the guidance, the explanations and of course the simulations I received at Ofek. They really proved their efficiency and worth, together with the assistance and support of the most professional teachers I have come across to date.

Zack – many academic researchers claim that there is a link between the satisfaction rating from a service and the ability to maintain customers' loyalty. Furthermore, they claim that a satisfied customer has high levels of loyalty. The highest level is called an “ambassador” or “messenger”, so I wanted to say thank you, thank you very much for your personal and professional conduct, thank you for the availability and attention. I received a service that goes far and beyond. From Liron Grossman, the “ambassador” :)