Matan Devora
Matan Devora

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When I started the (very) long journey towards my MBA studies, I received a million different opinions about it... but one thing was unanimous: everyone agreed that you need to study for the GMAT at Ofek.
In hindsight, they were definitely right. The course was extensive, practical and prepared me in the best possible way for the test.
In addition to the teaching, we were given sets of questions to practice that covered every angle of the material.
For me, Zack wasn't just a teacher; he was a lot more than that. He believed in me when I doubted my own abilities, he always helped and supported me and knew when to say kind words when I needed to hear them.  His knowledge of the test is amazing. The online lessons with him focused right on my weaknesses and he gave me tools to develop a way of thinking that helped me to “beat” the GMAT. Happily, I got an outstanding score on the GMAT and was offered places at Harvard, Stanford and MIT.
So here's some free advice from me for anyone who intends to study for the GMAT – you won't find a better place or more qualified people to prepare you for the test. Good luck!