Nir Hindy
Nir Hindy

IE Madrid

The GMAT prep period is probably one of the most challenging and difficult periods for those who intend to take the test. Beyond the professionalism, the service, the quality of Zack, Assaf and Doron's teaching, the materials and the different approaches, there are additional things that, in my opinion, you will discover along the way and learn to appreciate their importance and value.
Above all, most importantly, I discovered great people, friends. After one short conversation, I realized I had found the place for me. These are people who cared about my interests and not selling courses. My success was almost as important for them as it was for me!
They opened the door, gave me advice, support, a good word here and there and guidance in difficult moments (and believe me, you will have some of those).  These things are priceless.
Today I'm studying at IE, one of the best schools in Europe, and I’m here thanks to the right choices I made. Ofek is most certainly one of the most important good choices I’ve made.