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Are you aiming for an Ivy League school MBA? Do you need to get an Ivy League GMAT score?


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Here are the top 5 reasons for taking Ofek's Online Tutoring GMAT course:


1) Expert tutors -  all of our tutors have years of experience teaching GMAT full-time. For us, GMAT tutoring is not a part-time gig conducted after hours, it's our profession and our expertise.


2) We offer quality practice materials, including an online question bank, computerized tests and simulations. Due to the adaptive nature of the test, if you are aiming for a score of 700+, it's crucial that you practice a lot of questions considered to be of a high difficulty level. Don't assume that the official guide will cater to all your needs. It's just a good place to start with the basics but hardly contains any difficult questions.


3) Receive a personalized study plan, tailor made to suit your time constraints and admission goals. Our flexibility allows you anything from weekly or fortnightly lessons to an intense daily boot camp.


4)  We build you a personalized curriculum, taking into account your strengths and weaknesses. If needed, we'll spend more time tackling topics which are challenging for you whilst skimming through other subjects you have already mastered.


5)  Maximum flexibility: Take lessons from your home or office, at the hours that suit you.



Ofek GMAT provides you with a tailor made study plan to suit your individual needs!


• High quality, professional online tutoring with experienced tutors
• Instruction suited to the level and pace of each student
• Flexible lesson scheduling – take lessons whenever, wherever
• Adaptive problem solving methods designed to meet individual needs
• Advanced learning materials and resources including text books, a state of the art computerized exercise program and lots of up to date tests
• Personal performance assessments and advice on study methods provided throughout study period
• Extremely patient instructors well experienced in offering several explanations, if required, to ensure student’s full comprehension
• Scientific analysis and models formulated for all question types
• Unique teaching methods designed to ensure that in-depth study of a few major principles leads to independent mastery of many strategies


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