Student Recomendations
Student Recomendations

Student Recomendations

  • Matan Devora , 750

    When I started the (very) long journey towards my MBA studies, I received a million different opinions about it... but one thing was unanimous: everyone agreed that you need to study for the GMAT at Ofek.
    In hindsight, they were definitely right. The course was extensive, practical and prepared me in the best possible way for the test.
    In addition to the teaching, we were given sets of questions to practice that covered every angle of the material.
    For me, Zack wasn't just a teacher; he was a lot more than that. He believed in me when I doubted my own abilities, he always helped and supported me and knew when to say kind words when I needed to hear them.  His knowledge of the test is amazing. The online lessons with him focused right on my weaknesses and he gave me tools to develop a way of thinking that helped me to “beat” the GMAT. Happily, I got an outstanding score on the GMAT and was offered places at Harvard, Stanford and MIT.
    So here's some free advice from me for anyone who intends to study for the GMAT – you won't find a better place or more qualified people to prepare you for the test. Good luck!
  • Liron Grossman Super Entrepreneur

    Ofek is indeed a boutique company specializing in GMAT. As someone who initially studied at the competitors, I can say it's not even a competition. You can't compare the old fashioned materials and teaching deficiencies to the updated study materials, the guidance, the explanations and of course the simulations I received at Ofek. They really proved their efficiency and worth, together with the assistance and support of the most professional teachers I have come across to date.

    Zack – many academic researchers claim that there is a link between the satisfaction rating from a service and the ability to maintain customers' loyalty. Furthermore, they claim that a satisfied customer has high levels of loyalty. The highest level is called an “ambassador” or “messenger”, so I wanted to say thank you, thank you very much for your personal and professional conduct, thank you for the availability and attention. I received a service that goes far and beyond. From Liron Grossman, the “ambassador” :)


  • Nir Hindy IE Madrid

    The GMAT prep period is probably one of the most challenging and difficult periods for those who intend to take the test. Beyond the professionalism, the service, the quality of Zack, Assaf and Doron's teaching, the materials and the different approaches, there are additional things that, in my opinion, you will discover along the way and learn to appreciate their importance and value.
    Above all, most importantly, I discovered great people, friends. After one short conversation, I realized I had found the place for me. These are people who cared about my interests and not selling courses. My success was almost as important for them as it was for me!
    They opened the door, gave me advice, support, a good word here and there and guidance in difficult moments (and believe me, you will have some of those).  These things are priceless.
    Today I'm studying at IE, one of the best schools in Europe, and I’m here thanks to the right choices I made. Ofek is most certainly one of the most important good choices I’ve made.
  • Mati Malmud

    From the first time I called Ofek to find out about their GMAT course, I received honest and practical answers. They didn't try to tell me what I wanted to hear but instead gave me their true, professional opinion.
    I wouldn't have gotten the personal treatment, the belief and the confidence I received from Doron and Zack anywhere else.
    I highly recommend it!
  • Yuval Brener

    You helped me achieve my goal in a somewhat questionably short time frame. You adapted yourselves to me and to my needs. It was my pleasure to get to know such professional and thorough people like yourselves, who treat their profession with respect and try to be as flexible as possible with the students.
  • Mike Johnson , 720

    I took online sessions with Zack and Sarai. I received all the tools I never had and regained some I'd forgot ten since my BA. From the go, the practical exercises helped me deal with questions on the test, the hours were flexible and it was good value for money. Thanks!
  • Chaim Mack , 740

    My friend and I took private lessons at Ofek, both of us without any relevant background and in two months we both got scores in the 90th percentile! And it was even fun... Thanks!
  • Oren Yelink

    I combined my full time job with weekly online sessions at Ofek and got onto the MBA program of my choice! Zack made the test simple, thanks :)
  • Ofir Chen

    Dear Zack and Doron,
    I wanted to tell you that I took the test today and got 48 in the quantitative section! I think this score sums up the journey I started back in January...
    I wanted to say thank you Doron – for the personal treatment and all of the advice and tutoring, and thanks to Zack for all the extra help. You are an amazing and inspiring team.
  • Tal Karmi , 750

    Thanks to Sarai I achieved a score of 42 (96th percentile!) in the verbal section of the GMAT after a 2 month course!  I've had many English teachers in my life, but Sarai was definitely the best teacher I've ever had. Though I'm a native speaker, only during lessons with Sarai, I realized I didn't actually know English as well as I thought I did.
  • Roy , 730

    I got 730! The tests through the computerized system were challenging and simulated well the real test. I received tools with which I could approach the questions clearly and directly, and an ability to analyze the questions essence, which helped me a lot through the process. I came following a friend's recommendation, and right on the first lesson I understood why. The composure, the knowledge and the confidence in my ability were clear from the start. The personal treatment, the guidance (at the beginning of the MBA process and in general), and the knowledge sharing were amazing! Thank you.
  • Anat Wolfovitch , 740

    I decided to apply to an MBA program in America, so it was important that I choose the best possible preparation available. For me, one of the main advantages at Ofek GMAT was the unique teaching staff and their approach to the learning process and the test. Zack and Sarai helped me get ready for the test using a plan that was tailor made to suit my needs,  to strengthen my weaknesses and build a strategy that would lead me to achieve the maximal score I was capable of. Each one of the teachers (Zack in the quantitative part and Sarai in the verbal part) gave me tools that allowed me to see the questions from a different point of view, improved my confidence and my abilities and made this time enjoyable and fun. I had a great time studying for the test and the results speak for themselves (740). Thanks!
  • Ido Givon

    I came to Ofek after studying at a rival course and you just can't compare. The personal treatment, the communication during classes and the content quality helped me to achieve over and above the score I needed. Unlike other places, the teachers at Ofek come with tones of experience after teaching hundreds of students!
  • Shimon Elkavetz , 740

    I turned to Zack when I finished studying alone, because I wanted to strengthen a few specific areas.  I realized quickly that the key is to understand what stands behind this test. Zack helped me a lot to build a study plan, he accompanied me through the simulations, and I have no doubt – without his help I wouldn't have gotten the result I did. I highly recommend it.
  • Yonatan Becher , 730

    I got 730 on my first test after a 2 months course! I have no doubt it was thanks to Zack's teaching. When I decided to do the GMAT, all I heard was how hard and challenging the test is and how the study period is a total nightmare. Fortunately, my friend recommended Ofek GMAT. It's important to say that I didn't study a mathematical or science based subject for my BA and I also never took the SATs, so my basis before beginning of the course was weak to say the least. However, thanks to Zack, in two months I was ready for the test. His teaching method was simple and easy to understand. Exercises that were classified as extremely difficult became easy thanks to the methods I learned from him. Thank you!
  • Ori Barnea , 740

    Signing up for Ofek's course was the best decision I ever made. I got a score that opened the door to the top universities around the world, and I started the course from a point at which I wasn't familiar at all with even the most basic of terms.
    For me, a good teacher both wants and knows how to teach, just like those at Ofek.