Vision and Service Convention
Vision and Service Convention

Vision and Service Convention

Ofek's Vision:

To allow each student and teacher to fulfill their potential to the maximum.


Ofek's Values:

Professionalism:  We are committed to our profession. Our instructors teach GMAT full-time, and when they're not teaching, they're solving questions, writing questions and developing study materials.
Fairness:  We are committed to providing every student with the best solution for him/ her; we provide honest assessment and advice and prioritize this over and above financial considerations.
Personal Attention:  We strive to see the world though our students' eyes, to understand what they need and what we can do to help them fulfill their true potential.


Our Service Ethos:
It is our goal to accompany each student throughout the GMAT preparation period and provide a professional service, unsurpassed teaching methods and constant support to ensure all of our students achieve their goals.